[Wine]Setting default or startup directory for win32 program

Matthew L Reed matty at zootal.com
Mon Oct 18 10:22:45 CDT 2004

My somewhat biased opinion is based on having monitored and participated in
the hlds mailing lists for the last few years. Yes, there are many people
that use them without problems, but there is a disproportionately greater
number of complaints and problems coming from the linux list. Most people
I've talked to generally agree that the linux hlds binaries blow chunks.

I've been running the windows version under wine for a few weeks now, and it
screams. It's lightning fast and it has never crashed, not once. When I get
a chance I'll try the linux version just to see for myself it's as stable as
the windows version, though that is a low priority since the windows version
runs with wine so well. Plus, I've not been able to figure out how to get
the windows version to autorestart if it crashes, as serverdoc doesn't run
under wine so I may eventually move to the linux version.

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> On Fri, Oct 15, 2004 at 04:40:18PM -0700, Matthew L Reed wrote:
> > I don't use the native Linux version because the linux binaries blow
> > chunks. Valve just hasn't figured out how to get the linux version to
> > with the reliability of the Win32 version.
> i think, that you're wrong, basing on my experience with hlds on linux. i,
> personally, run hlds on FreeBSD without any troubles for two or
> years.
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