[Wine]Quake II - a modal problem?

Holly Bostick motub at planet.nl
Tue Oct 19 16:01:19 CDT 2004

David F. Colwell wrote:
> Holly Bostick wrote:
>> David F. Colwell wrote:
>>> I am running FC2 on a Dell 600SC, latest wine version.  FYI:Quake II 
>>> will run on machines with only 4 MB video cards and no OpenGL.  It 
>>> runs fine under Windoze.  Under Wine it runs the "launching demo" 
>>> well but then I have no keyboard or mouse control.  I must force the 
>>> power off to regain control.  On Windoze one would hit the escape key 
>>> at this point and a menu screen appears with Game, Options, Video etc.
>>> Any ideas as to the cause/solution? 
>>> _______________________________________________
>> Is there some reason that you want to run Quake 2 under Wine rather 
>> than using the native binaries readily available?
> I know that in windoze the CD must be in the drive in order to work.  
> So, I thought it would need to be in place under Linux also.  I assumed 
> that wine was then needed to direct the program to find that CD device, 
> if nothing else.  Are you suggesting that I can copy the entire CD to 
> the hard drive and it will find every file it needs within its own 
> directory?

Well, if you follow the Linux Quake HOWTO: Quake II at 
http://www.linuxdocs.org/HOWTOs/Quake-HOWTO-3.html, and installed the 
Linux binaries, all you need copy from the HDD is the pak files (the 
game data). As far as I know, the only reason you *might* need the CD at 
that point would be to play the music (and lots of people don't like the 

In any case, using Linux binaries would allow the system to know where 
the CD was if it needed it, because the binaries and their compatible 
ini/cfg files understand Linux device locations.

>> Presumably such problems are solved there (given that, afaik, the last 
>> time I ran Quake2 worked fine and used both OpenGL and SDL, iirc).
> My integrated video; ATI Rage XL, doesn't support OpenGL.  Wish it did.  
> There are no AGP slots either.

Quake 2 Linux appears to offer a choice of renderers, only one of which 
is OpenGL.

So it would seem you can run it, anyway.

Seriously, read the how-to. It looks like it answers all your questions 
(and proves that you don't need Wine to run Quake (I, II, or III, all of 
which are available natively) at least.

Other things, maybe, but not Quake.


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