[Wine]Desktop Icons

Holly Bostick motub at planet.nl
Tue Oct 19 16:09:07 CDT 2004

John Wildberger wrote:
> On Tuesday 19 October 2004 11:48 am, Milan Knizek wrote:
>>John Wildberger wrote:
>>| I have the program 'freecell' in the directory:
>>| [john]: 09:28 AM  [~/.wine/drive_c/ProgramFiles/Freecell]
>>| $ wine freecell     will start the program.
>>| What do I have to do to create an Icon on the desktop that will start the
>>| program?
>>consult your window manager (KDE, Gnome, ...) how to create a desktop
>>icon and use the command "wine freecell" to be run.
>>In KDE, you can right click on the desktop and select Create New/ File/
>>Link to application.
> This works fine for any normal application, but chokes on 'wine freecell'
> To be sure, these were the steps I followed:
> Right click on desktop.
> Create New/ File  -> Link to application
> Properties for Program.Desktop >Application
> Description: Freecell
> Command:/home/john/drive_c/ProgramFiles/Freecell/wine freecell.exe _> OK
> Icon is now created on desktop:Link to Applocation.
> Click on Icon.
> Error Message:
> KDEInit could not launch
>  '/home/john/.wine/drive_c/ProgramFiles/Freecell/wine freecell.exe'
> John

Some programs, when run under Wine, choke when they are not started from 
their home directory. Some don't care. It's a matter of trial and error 
to find out which is which, but apparently Freecell is one of the ones 
that cares.

The solution to this is to write a short script to cd to the home 
directory, then start the app.

In this case, it would go like this:

cd .wine/drive_c/ProgramFiles/Freecell # (because any terminal begins in 
your home directory already)
wine freecell.exe

Save that as freecell.sh, make it executable and save it in /home/john.

You can then make your Link to Application point to 
/home/john/freecell.sh and use the link to start the app.

Although.... how come your Program Files is ProgramFiles, and not 
Program\ Files (or something with the space? That might be your problem 
right there... is that the correct path?

Hope this helps.


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