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David Salisbury david.salisbury at momentumweb.com
Tue Oct 19 17:19:31 CDT 2004

This may be semi-offtopic, but it's something I've found very handy when 
adding icons for "shortcuts" in Linux to programs running under WINE. 
Usually I haven't been able to get the actual Windows program icons to show 
up, and then I found this utility:


It lets you extract .ICO files from your .EXEs, and then extract the icons 
contained within into .PNG files that Linux can use to show as icons for 
your software.  For example, I now have an official mIRC icon on my Linux 
desktop that I use to start mIRC through WINE.  Having the official icon 
just makes it feel that much cooler. :)

Anyway, I hope this helps someone else, as I was trying to find good program 
icons for Windows software under Linux for a long time!


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> try
> Command: wine /home/john/drive_c/ProgramFiles/Freecell/freecell.exe
> >> wine is not installed in the
> /home/john/drive_c/ProgramFiles/Freecell/ directory. but it should be in 
> your executive path.
> Thomas
> John Wildberger wrote:
>>On Tuesday 19 October 2004 11:48 am, Milan Knizek wrote:
>>>John Wildberger wrote:
>>>| I have the program 'freecell' in the directory:
>>>| [john]: 09:28 AM  [~/.wine/drive_c/ProgramFiles/Freecell]
>>>| $ wine freecell     will start the program.
>>>| What do I have to do to create an Icon on the desktop that will start 
>>>| program?
>>>consult your window manager (KDE, Gnome, ...) how to create a desktop
>>>icon and use the command "wine freecell" to be run.
>>>In KDE, you can right click on the desktop and select Create New/ File/
>>>Link to application.
>>This works fine for any normal application, but chokes on 'wine freecell'
>>To be sure, these were the steps I followed:
>>Right click on desktop.
>>Create New/ File  -> Link to application
>>Properties for Program.Desktop >Application
>>Description: Freecell
>>Command:/home/john/drive_c/ProgramFiles/Freecell/wine freecell.exe _> OK
>>Icon is now created on desktop:Link to Applocation.
>>Click on Icon.
>>Error Message:
>>KDEInit could not launch
>> '/home/john/.wine/drive_c/ProgramFiles/Freecell/wine freecell.exe'
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