[Wine]Corel Draw 11

Chris Rodgers rodgers at physchem.ox.ac.uk
Wed Oct 20 09:20:53 CDT 2004

> > [AppDefaults\\CorelDrw.exe\\DllOverrides]
> > "wintab32" = "native"
> > "imm,imm32" = "native"
> Well this is not working somehow. In the messages there are several
> lines with "fixme:imm", indicating that the built-in imm32.dll is used.
> You can check with WINEDEBUG=+loaddll whether what you expected is also
> what you get.

Thanks for the tip. In fact, with wine 20041019 (and 20040813) I only
need the first DLL override. It's amazing how many other DLLs Corel Draw
loads, I presume that it works so well because of Corel's efforts to
port it a while ago.

> You should first try this with the latest wine (20041019 brand new).
> Second you could try using a native comctl32.dll.

I noticed that several of the source code FTP mirror sites listed on
were broken, but have now upgraded to the latest and greatest. The
problems appear unchanged, there is just an extra warning now:

"This version of Wine was compiled without support for color management
functions. This means many color functions are empty stubs and you
expect your application to fail. To enable Wine to use LittleCMS for
management please install a liblcms development package version 1.13 or
higher and rebuild Wine.

I can fetch and build that if necessary...

> > Also, text in the drawings appears as
> > distorted outlines only, with a certain amount of pixel noise around
> > them. As there are relatively few errors on the console, I include these
> > at the end.
> Drawing defects are extremely difficult to debug remotely, it looks that
> maybe some very level drawing algorithms are not completely accurate.
> Perhaps you can supply a screen shot when zooming in to this pixel
> noise. I'm actually amazed how far you have come.

I'm not quite sure what you need in addition to
Can you explain a little bit more if you want something else?

Finally, I should mention that the very first time a picture is drawn
(after the file opens), the text looks OK. I agree that it looks like
some small inconsistency in the wine drawing code???

Thanks for your help,

Chris Rodgers.

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