[Wine]msdn: d3drs_wrap[0-7] ???

N. Dahn N.Dahn at gmx.de
Thu Oct 21 08:40:20 CDT 2004

Hi folks!

Well, i guess this is the wrong list but the dev list regrets my
requests, so i have to post here.

Im currently working a bit on the d3d8 dll (i know there are currently
heavy changes made, just creating some new interfaces) and am now
focusing on the d3drs_wrap[0-7] function. I have some problems
understanding what it should do, from msdn:

D3DRS_WRAP0 [ie, its the same for wrap0 to 7]
Texture-wrapping behavior for multiple sets of texture coordinates.
Valid values for this render state can be any combination of the
D3DWRAPCOORD_2 (or D3DWRAP_W), and D3DWRAPCOORD_3 flags. These cause the
system to wrap in the direction of the first, second, third, and fourth
dimensions, sometimes referred to as the s, t, r, and q directions, for
a given texture. The default value for this render state is 0 (wrapping
disabled in all directions).

My current thoughts are to enable the GL_TEXTURE_WRAP_S, T and R
functions by the value passed to it (ie for 2 enable the S and T
wrappers), but i guess this isnt exactly what it should do. Any
thoughts, ideas, guesses?

BTW, i havent found anything matching the D3DWRAPCOORD_3 flag (should be
the 4th dimension). Is there something i can use for this?

Thx in advance

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