[Wine]Wine Installshield and Sketchup

Nick Davies nick at lasventajas.com
Fri Oct 22 14:27:06 CDT 2004

> I'm afraid I can't offer too much help in the realm of
> debugging.  I would suggest looking to the error
> messages, and try to find the dlls that its asking
> for; for example, its asking for MSVCP60.dll - so you
> might try finding that dll, dropping it into your
> windows/system folder, and adding it into your config
> file.

I'll have a look around when I have a moment and post my results.

> But where is the config you may ask?
> That all depends on how you installed.  Many know I
> don't use RPMs, but if you compiled from source (using
> the wineinstall script in the tools folder), you
> should have been presented a question if you would
> like to create a local config.

I did indeed install from RPM and read a few threads on the lack of config 
issue.  I didn't get wine/documents/samples/config with the install either 
but I presume I can copy a config from somewhere and put it in the right 

 I'm now having a similar problem with another win application called Ecotect, 
(another architectural modeling package), although no problems at all with an 
install from the same publisher. Very hit and miss.

Thanks for all the tips - I'll keep pluggin away...

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