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M-Halo masochisthalo at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 22 15:00:26 CDT 2004

> > don't use RPMs, but if you compiled from source
> (using
> > the wineinstall script in the tools folder), you
> > should have been presented a question if you would
> > like to create a local config.  Here, you would
> answer
> > "yes", and you'd get a config file in your .wine
> > directory.
> IIRC the latest versions of wine and subsequently
> wineinstall dont ask
> to create the config file because it isn't stricly
> necessary, though
> you can copy an example config from
> wine/documents/samples/config to
> your .wine directory.

Hey guys,

On a different computer, I just *completely*
uninstalled my previous version of Wine to install
*this months* (wine-20041019) via src/ wineinstall,
and guess what??  I *once again* got asked if I would
like to create a local config file. hehehe :)  See me
output below...


make[2]: Leaving directory
make[1]: Leaving directory
./tools/mkinstalldirs -m 755 /usr/local/share/aclocal
mkdir -m 755 -p -- /usr/local/share/aclocal
/usr/bin/install -c  -m 644  ./aclocal.m4
Create local config file ~/.wine/config?

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