[Wine]Wine Installshield and Sketchup

John Wildberger wildberger at cogeco.ca
Fri Oct 22 19:35:27 CDT 2004

On Friday 22 October 2004 04:00 pm, M-Halo wrote:
> On a different computer, I just *completely*
> uninstalled my previous version of Wine to install
> *this months* (wine-20041019) via src/ wineinstall,
> and guess what??  I *once again* got asked if I would
> like to create a local config file. hehehe :)  See me
> output below...
> Hiji
There are two ways to install from source. The first and probably the one 
preferred by users who are used to source install is 
a) 'make depend && make' , to be done as user. Then 'make install' done as 
root. (su).
The second way is 
b) using the helper script 'wineinstall' from the tool directory. 
The first one assumes that you know what you are doing, therefor no question 
ask in regard to config file.
The second assumes that you are a moron and therefor all is done for you.
Unfortunately, the morons and the knowitalls are evenly distributed. 
So, here you have it.

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