[Wine](Newbie query) - Directing error messages to a text file

Andy Elvey andy.elvey at paradise.net.nz
Sun Oct 24 11:46:55 CDT 2004

Hi all - 
  I'm a first-timer on this list.  Just downloaded and installed the latest 
version (20041019) - works very well - very many thanks to the devs! 
  When I'm running an app using Wine,  I get a few warnings and error 
messages.  I'd like to be able to redirect these to a file (for two reasons) 

 a) I'd rather they went to a file instead of the screen ( if I know an app 
works in Wine, the messages are a little less relevant )
b) In order to help with testing, it's easier to be able to send a file with 
the messages in it (or at least, be able to "cut and paste' the messages into 
an email). 
  So, when I run an app (using the command "wine myapp.exe"),  is it possible 
to redirect the warnings and error messages to a file, and if so - how?  
  Many thanks in advance!  
 - Andy 


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