[Wine]Wine broken after upgrade

John McKee jmmckee at flinthills.com
Sun Oct 24 16:03:50 CDT 2004

Previously, I had installed wine-20040615 via RPM for RH9, and some applications began working that had failed in the past.

Yesterday, I downloaded wine-20041019-1rh9winehq.i686.rpm,  That, in it self, was a chore, as the mirror sites in the US did not appear to have this rpm.  Then, I switched to Germany.  I don't know why I picked that mirror.  At any rate, once downloaded, I removed wine-20040615 an installed 20041019.  That broke everything.  Even solitaire failed to work.  Thinking that the rpm might have been damaged in some way, I downloaded the src from the same mirror and used wineinatall to build and install.  Solitaire now works again.  But two other apps now continue to not function.  I uninstalled 20041019 and reinstalled (via rpm) 20040615.  Apps are still broken.  I am thinking that either the new rpm or wineinstall replaced DLLs that I had copied to my fake windows directory.  But, that is a guess.  Main reason I upgraded was that one application was complaining of two failed devicesL /dev/mixer and /dev/mixer1 (no such file or directory).  I think those were the names.

The applications I was trying to run were:

Virtual Rosary, which was working except for OLE as it wants to display images,
CS3, a crusty old version of CompuServe.  It still had complaints, notable with OLE, but the sound worked and that despite the errors about /dev/mixer and /dev/mixer1

My available time to play is pretty much limited to weekends, and this one is gone.  No hurry then for assistance.  I would appreciate any suggestions on how to get the two applications runing again, as well as fixing the complains about OLE and /dev/mixer issues.

All this does bring up another question:  when upgrading, should native DLLs be stored in a different place from the fake windows directory?  Does the install automatically replace all DLL files there with versions from wine?

Thanks for reading this rather long note.  I do appreciate the tremendous amount of work that has already gone into this project.  I regret that I am stumbling around, trying to understand how to install and configure this system to work reliably, particularly after I had major pieces working only to trash them after an upgrade.

Thanks again.

John McKee

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