[Wine]Unavailable Resolutions and Falcon 4.0

AJ and Tamara MacLeod aj_and_tamara at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Oct 25 08:51:45 CDT 2004

I have been experimenting with getting various
(usually older) D3D games running under wine and have
so far been very impressed with the results - a big
thank you is due to all the wine developers who have
got things to this stage.

With Falcon 4.0 (1.08us), however, I am stuck.  The
game interface works apparently perfectly, along with
the background sound/music, but when I go to fly, I
get black screen and then a (wine) warning that Falcon
has requested an unavailable resolution, 4576x52584
(!).  This seems extremely unlikely to me - as far as
I can recall, the actual resolution of the pre-flight
splash screen is 800x600 at most in this version. 
Anyone got any ideas of what's going on/ how to fix

I am hopeful that the main rendering engine works OK -
I can play back ACMI "tapes" perfectly ("videos" of
flights recorded in Falcon) and in the graphics setup
interface, it renders the graphics sample screen

Any ideas/fixes welcomed.  Has anyone else succeeded
in running Falcon 4 under wine?



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