[Wine]create_cursor() in dlls/x11drv/mouse.c ??

Chris Cox onebeer at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 25 17:25:08 CDT 2004

On Monday 25 October 2004 10:34 am, Duane Clark wrote:

> I think you will find that somewhere in the Wine source code, the
> pointers are defined, bit by bit. You probably would need to find that
> spot and modify the bits. I suspect a starting point is the function
> create_cursor() in dlls/x11drv/mouse.c. You would need to track down
> where it gets the bit definitions from, perhaps by using relay tracing.
Hope you didn't mind me changing the subject line on that reply. Well if that 
is the case then it is out of reach of my technical skills to go into the 
wine source code. It would be nice though to use my Gentoo Linux mouse 
pointer that I setup when I installed Linux in my wine app.  By the way, I 
only use one wine app. It is an online Poker Site.  Right now I am testing 
the non-free version of wine on it. I forget the name, Codeweavers or 
something like that.  It seems to work so much nicer than the free version 
BUT, I only have 20 more days to use it before I ether have to pay for it or 
uninstall it and go back to the free version of Wine. Haven't decided if I'll 
pay for it yet, since I wasn't all that unhappy with using the free version. 
It only has a couple of glitches. As I said, I only use one windows program 
under wine.

- Chris

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