[Wine]Application crashes when File->open is clicked

saravananv saravananv at erdcitvm.org
Thu Oct 28 05:47:50 CDT 2004

> > I guess, the reason for the bug is with the config file. 
> No, it is a known bug that exists already far too long. With your help
>I like to create a fix for it.

But, how it happens that In a same system old wines works but the new
ones does not.

In the case of Latest Wine, when I remove all sym-links from the
dosdevices directory, except the "c", then it works.

> The problem lies in determine what exactly the file system is on one
> your simulated drives, this is supposedly a FAT file system (FAT12,
> FAT16, FAT32).
> First determine what drive this is. If you are not sure, run wine
> WINEDEBUG=+file wine ...
> and make it crash. There should be a line with CreateFileW just before
> the crash, the name of the device in the form "\\\\C:\\". 
> Then assuming it is drive C:, and your ~/.wine/dosdrives/c: points to
> the mount point of a mounted file system, lets say /dev/hda1.

I got the following before the crash. (My C drive is pointing to 
trace:file:CreateFileW returning 0x44
trace:file:CreateFileW L"c:\\windows\\win.ini" GENERIC_READ
trace:file:RtlGetFullPathName_U (L"c:\\windows\\win.ini" 520 0x4074cb48
trace:file:wine_nt_to_unix_file_name L"\\??\\C:\\windows\\win.ini" ->
trace:file:CreateFileW returning 0x44
> Then make a copy of the superblock this way:
> dd if=/dev/hdax of=superb.bin count=4
> (/dev/hdax is the device you found in the previous step)

Here what should i give as argument to `if=`.


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