[Wine]Mozilla ActiveX control

Dan McGhee farmerdan at i-rule.net
Thu Oct 28 06:05:45 CDT 2004

Joris Huizer wrote:

> When using the wine/cvs version of 27 september, the setup.exe stops 
> with an error that installation fails - and if I uncompress .cab files 
> like method #2 suggests and move the files, iexplore indeed works
> However, using the current wine/cvs version, of 26 oktober, iexplore 
> "installed" like that doesn't work;
> I'll try to put in that register they provide (didn't before, but 
> maybe wineinstall replaces that one too...)
> So I tried installing using that setup.exe again, and when selecting 
> the minimal browser, wine using it's default win environment downloads 
> some files, and stops;
> At that point, I change the win environment to nt40 and it finishes 
> the download; it then hanged on mshtml.dll problems
> Though in the mean time wine/cvs changed again :p now setup.exe tries 
> to replace the regedit.exe or something and this breaks (is there 
> anyway around that?)
In one of the regressions I have run, I discovered that one of the 
commits made on September 27 causes IE6 to stop while it is 
initializing. You are correct, there is something in the registry. I 
haven't had the time to compose it yet, but I'm preparing to submit the 
info to the wine-developers mailing list.

I have found a work-around, but it takes time. Dowload Mike Hearn's 
script from


I know that his website says to use only wine from 20031212. However, I 
have not had any serious <BG> problems running it on any wine version 
since July.

 From source, compile a version of wine before 20040824--the August 
snapshot is fine. I have always used <./tools/wineinstall>. Now, on the 
clean install, run the script. (In fact, if you have all the files 
necessary to install IE6 when you run the script the first time, copy 
those to the .wine/drive_c/windows/Windows\ Update\ Setup\ Files/ 
directory. You may have only to download ie6setup.exe when running the 
script.) To run IE6 with its Help Engine, add the following dll's to the 
AppDefaults that the script creates in .wine/config: 
ole32,olepro32,oleaut32,rpcrt4 and hhctrl.ocx. Everything should run 
fine. Don't remove any of the temporary files the script installs. 
You'll be using them again.

Rename the .wine directory (for this e-mail let's call it .wine-ie6) and 
compile the most recent version of wine you want. Now copy 
.wine-ie6/drive_c/windows/Windows\ Update\ Setup\ Files to 
.wine/drive_c/windows. Run the script again. You won't have to download 
anything. Now from .wine-ie6 copy both the system.reg and the user.reg 
files to the new .wine. Using the same DLLOVERRIDES, IE6 may now work 
with the latest cvs version of wine.

During the install winedbg may start up to three times. Entering <quit> 
makes it continue and the install will finish. The only time that this 
hasn't worked for me was when I received the message "Couldn't open 
c:\\Program Files\Internet Explorer" or something like that. I just made 
the directory and ran the script again.

Hope this works for you.



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