[Wine]Access XP Runtime

Randy J. Zajonczkoski rzajonczkoski at traverscollins.com
Thu Oct 28 13:40:44 CDT 2004

I'm sure you guys are extremely busy but can you answer a couple
questions for me?
Does Wine support the access XP runtime? Our accounting package uses a
microsoft access front end for a SQL Server Database and I would like it
work on a linux workstation. Right now we just have the runtime
installed on all our Windows XP workstation so they don't have to have
the full blown access app on their machine. Also, would it work through
odbc to connect to the sql server???? Any help would be appreciated.

Randy J. Zajonczkoski
Office Technology Coordinator
Travers, Collins & Company
726 Exchange Street, Suite 500
Buffalo, NY 14210

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