[Wine]old Wine from CVS

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Fri Oct 29 12:20:05 CDT 2004

Mark Knecht wrote:
> ...
> Log message:
> 	Added support for managing reserved memory areas in libwine and ntdll.
> 	Try to reserve everything above 0x80000000 on startup.
> <SNIP>
> The log message above is a bit scary WRT the problem I'm having
> though. Segfaults are often memory issues, I think.

I believe segfaults are always memory issues ;-( At least I am unaware 
of other reasons for them. So, yep, I suspect that is likely the issue.

> For fun I created a TEST-fst-1.7 directory, copied all the code from
> 1.6 over, and then copied the newest files from wine-20041019 to
> replace the files above. fst won't build. (Not a big surprise, but
> disappointing.) Redefinition problems. Other things too...

I would not expect major changes would be required to get it to compile; 
but one never knows. I'll give it a shot this weekend. I have not tried 
compiling a winlib app before, so we'll see how it goes.

> Of far more interest to me is how do I fix
> this so that it continues to work with Wine into the future?

Such fundamental changes to memory management fortunately don't happen 
too often.

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