[Wine]old Wine from CVS

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Sat Oct 30 14:46:07 CDT 2004

Julian Hall wrote:
> How much memory does the machine the problem occurs on have onboard?  It may
> be that the program in question is encroaching on memory used by another
> application / hardware device, or else it has fallen foul of a maximu memory
> constraint of either the hardware or software, and the memory block simply
> cannot be addressed because it is too high?

Take what I say here with a caution; I am not really very knowledgable 
in this area. In general, I believe on modern operating systems 
including Windows ;) and computers, that is not really possible. Each 
program has it's own virtual address space, generally of some very large 
amount like 2-3GB, even if you don't have that much real memory. And one 
program is not able to encroach on another's address space, even with 
bad programming. It sounds like magic, but it is really sophisticated 
memory management that actually seems to work. In general, memory 
corruption is a problem where a program writes over something within 
it's own address space that it was not supposed to, causing itself to 
crash but nothing else. And that appears to be what is happening here.

That is of course a separate problem from memory exhaustion. But even 
then all that should happen is disk swapping, which slows program 
operation to a crawl, rather than a crash. All three of us have the same 
symptoms, so that is unlikely to be the problem. In my case, I have 1GB, 
and don't come close to exhausting memory.

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