[Wine]Re: _wrapped_ java application with wine

Mario Ohnewald mario.Ohnewald at gmx.de
Sat Oct 30 16:06:07 CDT 2004


> So it looks to me to be running fine, though obviously I can't test it 
> properly.
> While this is running, BTW, the other executables produce exactly the 
> same output, but if I'm correctly reading the instructions, this is 
> expected (and dependent upon configuration).
> The application seems to include all the Java stuff it needs, but the 
> idea of running it in a native Java VM does seem unlikely, given the 
> number of .exe and .dll components.

Thats what i did:

$unzip il2fb_server1.11.exe
Archive:  il2fb_server1.11.exe
  inflating: GS_il2ServerLauncher.exe
  inflating: il2sconsole.exe
  inflating: il2server.exe
  inflating: il2wconsole.exe
  inflating: il2_server.dll
  inflating: il2_usgs2.dll
  inflating: il2_usgs.dll
  inflating: jgl.dll
  inflating: mg_snd.dll
  inflating: rts.dll
  inflating: confc.ini

wine GS_il2ServerLauncher.exe
mario at bortal:~/fb$ fixme:msvcrt:_XcptFilter
wine: Unhandled exception (thread 000c), starting debugger...

After lunching the Application i get the rror above.
In the Application i get those errors:

# HotSpot Virtual Machine Error, Internal Error
# Please report this error at
# http://java.sun.com/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi
# Error ID: 5448524541442C4F43414C33544F524147450E4350500042

Which is the same as when i lunch il2server.exe.

Which version are you using? How did you compile yours?

Thanks, Mario

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