[Wine]old Wine from CVS

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Sat Oct 30 18:01:29 CDT 2004

Julian Hall wrote:
> I'm sorry to correct you, but it is indeed possible.  Through bad
> programming/carelessness, Netscape 2.0* was designed to use the same memory
> address area as certain Cirrus Logic graphics cards...

Hardware complicates things greatly. What you are talking about is 
indeed possible there, because on PCs as I understand it, hardware does 
not use virtual addressing. I vaguely recall that Sparc computers 
had/have hardware memory management, eliminating even that path.

For what it is worth, I design hardware (including a couple of computer 
boards) for a living.

I was addressing two programs, where it is much more difficult (as 
already stated, my knowledge in this area is limited). Not impossible, 
because software sometimes talks to hardware, makes OS calls to an 
operating system in different virtual address space, makes graphics 
calls, etc. But I believe it is actually impossible for a program to 
directly alter the address space of another program. My understanding is 
that is why "cracks" generally have to rely on trickery such as putting 
bad data onto a stack in order to get it to another program to hijack 
the operation. If one program had direct access to the memory of 
another, such tricks would be a waste of effort.

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