[Wine]Flags Ignored

The BaSsMaN bassman at chello.fr
Sun Oct 31 13:50:33 CST 2004


I'd like to know what does "flags ignored" mean. I'm confronted to this 
error (type err:fixme:ShellExeExecuteW32) when i try to launch Steinberg 
Wavleab via wine 20041019 (from scratch on debian 3.1 emulating 
installed win98) with kernel 2.6.9
I saw that software running under SuSE 9.1 (with latest wine's RPM 
package for this distrib). This is the only error i get. Sometime, 
Wavelab's splash screen comes and somtimes it does not.

Knowing the meaning of this message would help me to find where to 
search to solve the problem.

Thaks a lot.

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