[Wine]Re: _wrapped_ java application with wine

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Sun Oct 31 16:20:36 CST 2004

Mario Ohnewald wrote:
>>The time zones are defined in the source in dlls/ntdll/time.c. I notice 
>>that there is CEST but not CET. Hopefully it should not be too difficult 
>>to figure out the changes needed, though I admit the current 
>>CEST,MET,MEST look a bit confusing too me. I wonder whether they are 
>>really right ;)
> What i did in time.c was just to copy the lines from CEST, and name it CET.
> Should that do the trick? Just to see if this causes my error?
> Cheers, Mario

I would think that would get rid of the fixmes, but the easy way to find 
out is try it;) Probably not the high CPU usage; that might imply 
something stuck in a loop. But who knows; a server app might be picky 
about timezones.

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