[Wine]Integration of Windows mail client in Konqueror

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Wed Sep 1 08:29:54 CDT 2004

> Hello together!
> I would like pegasus mail as default mail client for konqueror. After clicking on 
> a mailto link there should be pegasus mail started in this way: 
> "wine winpm-32.exe -T <to address> -S <subject>"
> My question was, how can i set up the Konqueror in such way?
> Has anyone tried something like this?
  I didn't try this but it can be done in the KDE Control Center, section "KDE
components", "Component selection" and "default e-mail client" (sorry, I don't
know exact strings, my KDE is localized and I'm lazy to reconfigure it to
English just for this :-)). There You can find a combo into which You can enter
a command to invoke the e-mail program, including %-ed escapes to specify
all the fields You require, at least in KDE 3.2.3.
                                        With regards, Pavel Troller

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