[Wine]Registry issues

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Thu Sep 2 11:37:50 CDT 2004

Kyryll Mirnenko wrote:
> I'm trying to set wine up in XP Sp2 box & found out it can't use my Windows
> registry while it's in %SystemRoot%\system32\config & homedir as should be.
> W/o it's difficult to make apps run as they can't find neither their reg.
> info nor OLE-related stiff. Maybe there was some format changes for .reg
> wine don't know. Anyway, can anybody help with it?

Are you using the NTFS filesystem? Are you making the filesystem 
writeable by Linux? Is that really a good idea?

My suggestion would be to not use the XP filesystem directly. Create a 
"fake" Windows partition, and reinstall the apps you want. I don't 
really see that as a particularly difficult or time consuming task.

> The idea of exporting the whole reg to wine's internal one makes no good
> 'cause file parsing will take quite long period of time

??? Most of us (at least I think it is most of us) do not use a real 
Windows partition with Wine. I certainly have not done so for years, and 
I don't notice any problems with file parsing. There are plenty of other 
places in Wine that need optimization long before registry file parsing, 
at least IMO.

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