[Wine]Registry issues

Saulius Krasuckas saulius2 at ar.fi.lt
Sun Sep 5 01:04:18 CDT 2004

On Sat, 4 Sep 2004 michael at cherryblossom.homelinux.com wrote:
> On Sat, Sep 04, 2004 at 02:03:12PM +0300, Kyryll Mirnenko wrote:
> >   As for ME, wine read its reg format fine, as for 9x support I can
> > say it's "best" cause wine is designed as NT-compatible subsystem,
> What do you mean NT-compatable subsystem? 9x was based on 3.1!  NT was a
> seperate thread of Window OSes!  The two were "merged" in ME/XP, and 2K
> was the equivilant of NT 5!  I don't understand what you're saying here.

And IIRC, there were only few parts of so-called kernel, which got based 
on NT-code in ME.  That is:

1, wider support at WDM level (than 9x) as the consequences of:
 a, some different networking code (maybe only support for newer NDIS);
 b, kernel streaming architecture engine;
 c, maybe support for larger USB devices and their functionality;
2, 2k-like GUI and the such shell.

If I am missing something, please, remind me.  Still, there were fully
functioning old port- and mini-port drivers, VxDs and another relicts of
9x on ME, so this beast (ME) should be definitely based on 9x "kernel".

Do not agree with me, folks?  Throw in your arguments! :-)

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