[Wine]Pb with Installshield (Dragon Naturaly Speaking) : not enough room on system drive

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Sun Sep 5 12:44:10 CDT 2004

Emmanuel Charpentier wrote:
> Hi !
> I'm trying to install Dragon Naturally Speaking in a WINE "fake windows" 
> setup, and I have troubles with InstallShield.
> I tried this a while ago (with wine 20031212) and had *partial* success : 
> The app installed, by I had trouble with the character set settings and 
> botched the voice training, 'cause I couldn't read the screen ...
> I reinstalled a new machine recently (the previous one died due to a 
> failing power supply ...). Wine is now 20040716. I managed to install 
> Office 2000 (and IE6, which is needed for MS Access ...), along with a 
> couple other apps, working *great*. Note : yes, I *did* install DCOM98.
> However, any time I try to install Dragon Naturally Speaking, I stumble on 
> the fact that InstallShield is unable to see the free space on the system 
> "disk" : according to the log, Wine reports -1 Mb free, while Dragon tells 
> it needs 40 Mb. Therefore, InstallShield aborts the installation.

Had you CDed into the cdrom drive to run setup? I doubt it will help, 
but an easy test might be to try to CD into your Wine C: drive and then 
run setup from there. Maybe the installer is really dumb.

> ...
> ----- Dragon NaturallySpeaking installation started on 9-5-2004, 15:23:23 -----
> Configuration=Professional, Languages=fra enx, Version=5.00.401.179 
> 15:23:25 -- Insufficient space to perform installation on System drive. 
> Setup requires 40 MB, but only -1 MB free.
> ----- Dragon NaturallySpeaking installation cancelled due to severe error 
> on 9-5-2004, 15:23:25 -----

Probably what you will need to do is to run the setup something like this:

WINEDEBUG=+relay wine setup.exe &> wine.log

That will make the program run really slow, and create a very large 
file, possibly 100s of MBytes, so you need lots of empty disk space. 
Then I typically split the file:

split --bytes=2m wine.log

That creates a whole bunch of smaller files, requiring lots more disk 
space;) Then grep for the error message:

grep "Setup requires" x*

Hopefully that shows up in one of the files. Open the file and see what 
was happening before the error message. If it is not clear, try deleting 
obviously irrelevant or repeated lines, and maybe post a few hundred of 
the lines before the error message.

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