[Wine]Pb with Installshield (Dragon Naturaly Speaking) : not enough room on system drive

michael at cherryblossom.homelinux.com michael at cherryblossom.homelinux.com
Sun Sep 5 20:46:47 CDT 2004

On Sun, Sep 05, 2004 at 03:27:25PM +0200, Emmanuel Charpentier wrote:
> Hi !
> I'm trying to install Dragon Naturally Speaking in a WINE "fake windows" 
> setup, and I have troubles with InstallShield.
> I tried this a while ago (with wine 20031212) and had *partial* success : 
> The app installed, by I had trouble with the character set settings and 

Set up in environment variables, IIRC KDE has a way to configure this in
it's control panel, but I don't use KDE, so...

> botched the voice training, 'cause I couldn't read the screen ...

Maybe your resolution wasn't a good one.

> I reinstalled a new machine recently (the previous one died due to a 
> failing power supply ...). Wine is now 20040716. I managed to install 
> Office 2000 (and IE6, which is needed for MS Access ...), along with a 
> couple other apps, working *great*. Note : yes, I *did* install DCOM98.

Maybe you'll need proper InstallShield runtimes?  Or maybe you need
command line dll overrides.  You can also try Wine 20040813, or current
CVS.  And are you using binary 20040716, or build from source?  And what
kind of distrobution are you using (if any)?  (Red Hat, Fedora, SuSe,
Debian, etc.)

> However, any time I try to install Dragon Naturally Speaking, I stumble on 
> the fact that InstallShield is unable to see the free space on the system 
> "disk" : according to the log, Wine reports -1 Mb free, while Dragon tells 
> it needs 40 Mb. Therefore, InstallShield aborts the installation.

How much free space *is* on the Wine directory's partition?  ext2/3
(among other fs) "reserve" some free space for the root user, in case of
emergancies, but that takes away from the users.  Try reporting the
results of "df", and/or "df -h".

Finally, you didn't include any error messages reported by *wine* in and
of itself.  Try running it from the console and either directing it's
output to a file (just like DOS, use the ">" redirector) or use a
logging program like tee ( "wine <command> | tee <filename>" should do
it).  You can also try debug channels.

> Has anyone any idea on how to pass this ? The relevant files are PS'd to 
> this message.
> BTW : Any exeriences/successes/failures with Dragon Naturally Speaking ? 
> That's the one application I miss on Linux : since IBM botched its earlier 
> attemps to port ViaVoice on modern Linuxes and withdrawed it, no one has 

Were they trying to port binaries?  It's almost impossible to create
universal binaries for linux, if I recall correctly.  Very few linux
systems are identical, or even use the same sound system, configuration
formats, packaging systems, etc. etc.

> (yet) created a working VR package ...

The point of open source... hopefully someone will develop one soon. 
Problem?  They have to work through ALSA or OSS (which audio system),
not to mention deal with different PC configurations, and then work on
the actual engine of the VR.

> 					Emmanuel Charpentier

[snipped config files]

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