[Wine]Pb with Installshield (Dragon Naturaly Speaking) : not enough room on system drive

Emmanuel Charpentier charpent at bacbuc.dyndns.org
Tue Sep 7 02:09:38 CDT 2004

Dear Michael, dear list,

michael at cherryblossom.homelinux.com wrote:
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 > I guess that installing with 20031212 and then upgrading to 2004-07 to
 > run it wouldn't be an option, eh?

Nope. See below...

 >>>Set up in environment variables, IIRC KDE has a way to configure this in
 >>>it's control panel, but I don't use KDE, so...
 >>The problem was iso8859-1 vs utf8. Solved.

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 > If I recall correctly, it's not uncommon for french characters to show
 > up in consoles as "?" when they're in a different character set or not
 > supported.  Oddly, aren't you able to type most, if not all, characters
 > required in french with iso8859-1?

It might have been that. However, It think that the encoding expected by 
Dragon used some form of Unicode (with support from unicows.dll ?), which 
wine didn't like.

[ Snip afain... ]

 >>>Maybe you'll need proper InstallShield runtimes?
 >>Isn't that provided by the installer ?
 > Theoretically, yes, but in and of itself, that's known to cause
 > problems; i.e. the dlls or exes provided by the installer's runtime
 > don't properly work with wine, or confuse wine...

Where could I find these ?

 >>>                                                Or maybe you need
 >>>command line dll overrides.
 >>None. See .config file for permanent DLL overrides.
 > This relates to the above question -- IIRC, built in dlls in the
 > installer's InstallShield runtimes sometimes automatically override your
 > DLL decisions in .config,

??? How ?

 >                            whether you want to or not, and this is worked
 > around using dll override command line switches or environment
 > variables.  I'm not 100% sure though.
 >>>                           You can also try Wine 20040813, or current
 >>>CVS.  And are you using binary 20040716, or build from source?  And what
 >>>kind of distrobution are you using (if any)?  (Red Hat, Fedora, SuSe,
 >>>Debian, etc.)
 >>20040716 as packaged in Debian. Kernel is 2.6.6
 > Ah.  Yes.  I haven't gotten that to work yet... still trying to figure
 > out my own kernel, before attempting wine 2004-07/2004-08. Maybe try
 > building from winehq source or CVS?  Or you can try downgrading to the
 > 2004-06 or whatever package they have in testing, and then re-upgrading
 > afterwards?  Why does it take so long for a wine release to get to
 > unstable, anyways? *shrugs*

20031212 isn't installable in unstable/testing anymore : cupsd has switched 
from one set of libraries to another, and this blocks the installation of 
libwine-print, which in turn blocks the installation of libwine. Sigh ...

Furthermore, I *need* a working setup for M$Office : Dragon would be nice, 
but I *have* to have M$-Access.

[ Snip.... ]

 >>>Finally, you didn't include any error messages reported by *wine* in and
 >>>of itself.
 >>None relevant :
 >>charpent at yod:~$ wine /cdrom/SETUP.EXE
 >>fixme:win:SetWindowTextA cannot set text "InstallShield Wizard" of other
 >>process window (nil)
 >>fixme:win:SetWindowTextA cannot set text "Installation de
 >>NaturallySpeaking" ofother process window (nil)
 >>fixme:dialog:MSGBOX_OnInit task modal msgbox ! Not modal yet.
 >>Wine exited with a successful status
 > How odd.  I would have expected more.  Some sort of warn, maybe?

None from the terminal. A Windows error box appears telling "Internal error 
: 0x80040707", which I have been unable to find on Microsoft sites, but 
seems to be related to the "Not enough room ..." problem.

					Emmanuel Charpentier

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