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Geoff Streeter geoff at dyalog.com
Wed Sep 8 07:42:23 CDT 2004

I have watched my son, during his summer holidays, configure a TV card to 
work on SuSE 9.1.

He got Mplayer and Xine working without going down too many blind alleys. 
However, he is having much more problems getting the remote control to work.

I have tended to stay out of the nitty gritty but kernels do need to be 
configured to support this sort of thing. Support for the TV tuner was 
built into the standard SuSE kernel. Wine would also need the same level of 
kernel support - it is just a user level program. Expecting the wine server 
to just do it seems to me to be a trifle ambitious. If you need TV whilst 
you are away then going the native route (xine, mplayer) would seem to be 
more hopeful than trying to get some windows software to work under wine.

I am amazed at the level of device support that wine seems to manage so I 
may be proved wrong.


At 2004-09-08 10:38 +0100, you wrote:
>Drew Broadley wrote:
>>James Hawkins wrote:
>>>>Yes, the saying is still relevant, but it is a bit harsh. :)
>>>I could'nt agree more.
>>RTM ? :)
>Hi all, seeing as I started this thread, I'll add my two penneth.
>What a lot of people forget when writing the FM is to make it understood 
>by someone who does not have the knowledge of the author
>We can all write very good papers on what we understand for those who also 
>How many have printed off half a ream of paper to get a hard copy, only to 
>throw it in the bin with comments like "who wrote this shit"  ?.
>I will be on a residential course from the end of this moth for 40 weeks, 
>I'd like to get that TV card working in a linux/wine envoironment, then at 
>least I can use a proper OS.
>The back up is to run it in windows AGHHHHH.
>So far I cant get wine to see the cdrom, its configured as /dev/cdrom
>which it is.
>But with Mandrake using magicdev for mounting, its not as simple.
>I've tried manually mounting and unmounting, and pulling hair out.
>This is the type of problem that someone trying wine for the first time to 
>give up on it.
>I dont give up ! but could do with some help
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