[Wine]oracle config

piuras piuras at ig.com.br
Fri Sep 10 21:11:23 CDT 2004

Ok !

I have a server runing Linux RH AS3 with Oracle 10g.
And I have workstations runing Windows 2000 and aplications VB6 with 
instant client for oracle 10g.
Now I need to run my client windows aplications(VB6)  in workstations 
Linux RH 9 or Fedora.
I am using wine to run theses aplications and theses work, but I can not 
conect into Oracle Server. I have installed instant client for oracle 
10g for windows in wine directory, and I have put the PATH of the config 
file, but it did not work. So I tryed to test sqlplus for windows under 
wine and when I executed the comand line: "wine sqlplus.exe" the 
aplications waited for user and password, I put them and the aplication 
stayed stoped forwever.
I coud not run neither VB aplication nor sqlplus for windows under wine, 
and I think that the problem is the instalation, or the files of the 
instalation. but if you download the package from Oracle Web Site you 
will see that it is enougth unzip  the package for instant client and 
configure the PATH in config file for wine. But it does not work.
To VB aplications work  it is needed a oracle driver for windows, and 
this driver usede in the connect string.

Can you help me ?

Thank you very much.


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