[Wine]Help needed: division by zero in winword etc.

Robbert Xerox xerox_xerox2000 at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Sep 12 08:57:16 CDT 2004

Hi, in quite a few programs i can not browse the
filesystem when opening a "listbox"; to be more clear:
for example when i do in winword Open and the listbox
appears, and i try to open the pull down menu winword
just quits(without an error message in wine).  In
another program like "Camel join" it quits as soon as
i go up to the level of "my computer" with a message
"didivsion by zero in ReadFATSuperblock. I was able to
track the problem down to the following lines in
volume.c (starting from line 502)

      nsect -= GETWORD(buff, 0x0e) + buff[0x10] * sz +
            (GETWORD(buff, 0x11) * 32 + (GETWORD(buff,
0x0b) - 1)) / GETWORD(buff, 0x0b);
        nclust = nsect / buff[0x0d];

when i change  these into this:

 nsect -= GETWORD(buff, 0x0e) + buff[0x10] * sz +
            (GETWORD(buff, 0x11) * 32 + (GETWORD(buff,
0x0b) - 1)) / (GETWORD(buff, 0x0b)-1);
        nclust = nsect / (buff[0x0d]+1);

i can (obviuosly) avoid the division by zero and
everything (winword and camel join) just works fine.
I'm not a programmer, so this solution obviously
sucks, so my question is: how can this error be fixed,
and do more people encounter this problem.

PS i'm using the august version of wine, and in the
april version this whole problem didn't show up!
everything just worked fine there.

Thanks in advance, Robbert

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