[Wine]new user - documentation nightmare

David F. Colwell dfcolwell at dfcolwell.com
Tue Sep 14 11:36:28 CDT 2004

I had located and installed wine via rpm only to discover that I needed 
to compile from source to get --with-opengl.  Fine.  The documentation 
with the source is written in sgml.  Turns out sgml, specifically 
Mozaic, died on the vine thirty years ago, replaced by xml, sort of.  
Mozilla doesn't open sgml.  A search suggested Netscape might.  
Curious.  So I installed 7.2.  It doesn't open sgml either.  Maybe a 
plug-in?  No.  None listed in Netscapes web page of plug-ins.  Dead 
end.  Well, sgml can be read with some effort just by using cat | less.  
Also, the documentation pages online produce the same text... much 
easier to read.  However, the configuration section mentions 
auto-configuring scripts "WineSetipTk" and "wineinstall" then proceeds 
to "Verifying your Configuration".  So these are the only ways to 
configure wine?  "man wine.conf" is clearly out of date as files named 
"/wine/config" and "~/.wine/config" are used in place of wine.conf.  I 
realize stale information is unavoidable in this rapidly changing field, 
but this is getting silly.
So, just try and find WineSetupTk.  Found an rpm for Suse/i586 but I 
have FC2/i686.  Ultimately found a source rpm and attempted to install 
it.  It was apparently a Debian-leaning source (?!) and the resulting 
directory misdirections were more trouble than they were worth.

Net, net, net...  I have no virtual C: drive configured and I see no 
valid documentation showing the syntax for declaring one.  Can anyone 
help?  One web page said a declaration to the CDrom was also necessary.  
Is the syntax the same with only device names and map-letters changed?

Thank you for your patience.

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