[Wine]Pegasus Mail sometimes says no HD-memory free, but that's not true

gnome at hawaii.rr.com gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Wed Sep 15 00:19:19 CDT 2004

I'm a Pegasus Mail user, but not a WINE user.

Pegasus used to have a commmand line parameter to feed it that told it to use its old drive detection code, instead of David Harris' new drive detection code. Something about the new drive detection code used to have problems running in virtual environments, such as under OS/2's version of Windows 3.1.

You might check around and see what that parameter was. It should be listed in the online help. I don't know if PMail 4.21c still has the option.

I think the "some file" you're talking about is PMail's "folder.pm" file. There's also a folstate.pmj (IIRC) file that the PMail v4.x series seems to have a knack for destroying even under Windows.

gnome at hawaii.rr.com

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