[Wine]Access to physical I/O under wine ?

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Wed Sep 15 02:13:11 CDT 2004

  I would like to ask, whether the current wine allows an app to access
a physical ports or memory (in case of MMIO).
  I would like to run CoreCenter, an app supplied with MSI motherboards,
which can monitor and control CoreCell, a chip in their motherboards,
capable of various tasks like changing a CPU frequency and voltage "on the
fly" during regular system operation.
  I searched for a native application for Linux but unsuccessfully.
  I have also an idea to log all the direct accesses of the app and use the
log as a source for reverse engineering of the CoreCell interface and thus
gather an information suitable for writing a native Linux equivalent of
  Because wine evolves quickly and it's documentation cannot follow it
in all cases, what's the current method to allow this ?
                                            With regards, Pavel Troller

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