[Wine]Pegasus Mail sometimes says no HD-memory free, but that's not true

David Jones gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Thu Sep 16 00:50:50 CDT 2004

Timo Steuerwald wrote:
> Am 14 Sep 2004 um 19:19 hat gnome at hawaii.rr.com geschrieben:
>>I'm a Pegasus Mail user, but not a WINE user.
>>Pegasus used to have a commmand line parameter to feed it that told it to use its old drive detection code, instead of David
>>Harris' new drive detection code. Something about the new drive detection code used to have problems running in virtual
>>environments, such as under OS/2's version of Windows 3.1.
>>You might check around and see what that parameter was. It should be listed in the online help. I don't know if PMail 4.21c still
>>has the option.
> Yes i see, there's something about this in the manual. Thanks for this good 
> hint!

I'm on my OS/2 box at the moment, the parameter is "-z 65536".

>>I think the "some file" you're talking about is PMail's "folder.pm" file. There's also a folstate.pmj (IIRC) file that the PMail
>>v4.x series seems to have a knack for destroying even under Windows.
> No, there isn't a folder.pm file in my pegasus mail version (4.21). The files that 
> i mean are cache.pm and hierarch.pm.

Me wrong - those are the two. hierarch.pm is one you don't necessarily 
need to fix - just rename it, start Pegasus again, and it recreates it. 
I think the same is true of cache.pm.

Of course, then you have to recreate your folder hierarchy ... I know a 
number of Pegasus users who keep regular backups of these files.

Hope it helps!

gnome at hawaii.rr.com

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