[Wine]Printing does not work

Alexej Davidov alexej.davidov at gmx.net
Thu Sep 16 06:37:44 CDT 2004


I've tried unsuccessfully to get printing working under wine. I use wine 
version 20040309 on Debian unstable. I use cups for printing and it works 
without problems. According to the wine doc, I did not add any entries to the 
wine config file or to the registry.

My printcap file looks like this:
kyocera|Kyocera FS-1500:rm=sbs93:rp=kyocera:

When I start wine, it seems to recognise my printers, as it adds the following 
entries to win.ini:


So I tried with notepad (the original one, not the wine version) to print. 
When I add the Page setup dialog, wine outputs:
err:dc:CreateDCW no driver found for L"WINEPS"

Also I can't select any paper size. There are no entries in the list. When I 
press the Printer button win outputs:
err:dc:CreateDCW no driver found for L"WINEPS"
err:commdlg:PRINTDLG_ChangePrinterW DocumentProperties fails on L"kyocera"

But I see the two printers (kyocera and phaser) in the printer selection box. 
When pressing the Properties button wine outputs:
err:dc:CreateDCW no driver found for L"WINEPS"

When I try to press OK, the dialog stays open and wine outputs:
fixme:commdlg:PRINTDLG_UpdatePrintDlgW No lpdm ptr?
fixme:commdlg:PRINTDLG_WMCommandW Update printdlg was not successful!

Any ideas? Thanks in advance

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