[Wine]notes 6, bug 2484, winedebug techniques?

Yury Tarasievich grog at grsu.by
Thu Sep 23 08:30:44 CDT 2004

Rein Klazes wrote:
> On Thu, 23 Sep 2004 15:44:16 +0300, you wrote:

> Please, keep cc'ing wine-users list.

Seems just "reply to sender" got pressed instead of "to all"...

> If you just do:
> WINEDEBUG=+relay wine ... &>wine.log
> (fill in the dots with your program and arguments and change the log
> file to your liking)
> does it not proceed? If there is anything written to the log file, what
> are the last lines?

I didn't recently try with both +relay *and* logging to file.

Last time I did there was about 1 Gb of log, and I couldn't make 
anything of it.

With +relay and temporary logging to pipe, it seems to produce mainly 
lots of Enter/LeaveCriticalSection messages before hanging.

I'll try later +relay and logging to file again ASAP.


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