[Wine]flame request

M-Halo masochisthalo at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 25 18:28:56 CDT 2004

Yes, as stated in my previous email, Suse 8.1 RPM is
the RPM that I've tried (and that is recommend).  The
JDS is built on the Suse SLEC 1.0 which is based on
Suse 8.1.

The RPM works, but the user interaction with it is
just clunky.  Also, remembering now, the other issue I
run into is that I have to run the wine command using
"/the /full/path/to/wine" instead of just typing

In any case, I've found that investing 20-30 minutes
of my time provides greater rewards and ease-of-use
instead of installing the RPM in 5 minutes. ;) 
Compiling/ Installing from source just sets everything
up REALLY easily.


--- Ivan Leo Puoti <puoti at inwind.it> wrote:

> >Maybe I've been getting some weird RPMs, but the
> ones
> >that I have tried won't let me set where my fake
> >windows directory is at, and worst of all, I can
> only
> >run Wine as root (when using an RPM).  I'm using
> the
> >JDS distro (Suse 8.1 RPM).
> If there aren't any RPMs for your distro, you can
> only try the ones from other
> distros and find the one that works best.
> Ivan.

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