[Wine]menu bar doesnt work

Attila Csosz csosz33 at axelero.hu
Sun Sep 26 14:14:11 CDT 2004

Attila Csosz wrote:
> Hi,
> We developed an application under windows with borland cbuilder 5 and 
> now we want run under linux with wine (not using an windows partition). 
> We have tried with the latest version ( compiled and installed from CVS 
> ) under "debian testing" linux distribution. This is mainly an opengl 
> application and almost everything works fine but the menu bar dont 
> works, clicking to the menu bar but nothing happened. Have you any idea?
> Thanks
> Attila


It seems there is a problem with opengl and the main window. We have 
tested an other application that uses opengl but with an MDI child 
window (this works, opengl area in MDI window, main menu in the main 

The original application doesn't have an MDI window. So I think the 
problem: the main menu is it in the opengl area. Is it possible?
We've tested a third application : it has the same problem ( main menu 
cant be clicked, and this not an MDI application )

We have tried wine in debian-stable, debian-testing, CVS.


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