[Wine]flame request

richard richard.bown at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Sep 27 06:00:20 CDT 2004

M-Halo wrote:
>>Oh, sure, but you've probably compiled without
>>support for a dozen libs wine can
>>use to support all sorts of stuff, if you don't need
>>that stuff, you probably won't care.
> But, the beauty is I can choose what support I compile
> with. :)
>>Also, flames on the wine lists are extremely rare.
> Yes...  by the way, whatever happened to the guy who
> started this flame request??  (It wasn't me!) ;)
> Hiji
No he hasn't disappeared just reading all the comments,and spending a week in hospital, I've gone 
back to using 20040213,
as it's the last version that seems to work on Mandrake 10.1 CE (20040213-mdk rpm).
The current version offered with mandrake10.1 CE is 20040813.
With this version the only thing to function from the menu bar is Notepad, albeit wine is running 
and if an app is started from the same dir as it resides it works.
However the one app I do use which is a VOIP app which fails on 20040813 when the scroll bars on the 
app gui are moved. On version 20040213 this app functions and all the menu launchers work

Is anyone using the September release with Mandrake 10 ?


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