John Wildberger wildberger at cogeco.ca
Wed Sep 29 18:55:32 CDT 2004

Problem with installation.
tar xzvf wine-20040914.tar.gz
this created a directory ~/wine-20040914
# ./configure
this generated a longwinded error message to the effect that it is unable to 
guess my system type.
# ./configure --build=i686         
this got the configuration going and ended with the message:
"Configur finished. Do 'make depend && make' to compile wine".
#make depend
this generated  a log with a number of errors. The first significant error is 
that the program makedep.c cannot find the header file 'config.h'.
It expects this file in ~/wine-../tools, but it is not there.
Additional info: My system is Mandrake 10.0
The source was downloaded as user into /home/john
My Questions:
1) why is my system not detected by the config.guess program.
2) why is there no config.h in dir tools.


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