John Wildberger wildberger at cogeco.ca
Thu Sep 30 18:25:28 CDT 2004

On Thursday 30 September 2004 03:43 pm, richard wrote:

> No Ive never bothered to build from SRC.

> As I said before ILP's RPM for Mandrake just drops in as sweet as a nut
> Richard
The winehq site lists the rpm and the tarball as available for Mandrake 10.
Now IMHO the tarball either works or does not. If it does not work then it 
should not be on the list. So far it has defied all my effort to install it 
following the the install instructions to the letter.
I would like to hear from someone who had it done with MDK10 successfully so 
that I could compare notes with him/her.

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