[Wine]Glide-OpenGL wrappers

Malcolm Mallardi magamo at chaotique.com
Tue Apr 5 10:02:58 CDT 2005

	Hey folks.  I'm certain this has been addressed before, but a google 
search hasn't been terribly helpful.

	Are there any windows Glide-OpenGL wrappers that are functional under 
WINE?  I'm trying to get Wing Commander Prophecy to run in hardware 
mode, but with my configuration, Direct3D doesn't want to work (I've a 
PIII/600, MGA G550, 640MB ram, Xorg 6.8.1, kernel 2.6.9, and wine 20050310)

	WCP is a DirectX 6 game, and I figured that since I've seen Warcraft 
III run halfway decently with this configuration using OpenGL rather 
than D3D, I could try that with WCP.  Unfortunately, All of the Glide 
wrappers I've tried have had... less than stellar results (flickering 
past the point of annoyance, or blank screens, or just plain crashes)

	So, I was simply wondering if anyone has found any Glide wrappers that 
work well with WINE as it stands, or if there's any possible way to get 
DirectX 6/7's Direct3d to pass through to OpenGL and my hardware 
acelleration in my current configuration? (as I'm also having problems 
with Wing Commander: Secret Ops, which is DX7)

	I am not subscribed to the list, and would appreciate being CCed on any 
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