[Wine]problems with libwine.so.1

Thomas Unternaehrer t.unternaehrer at gmx.ch
Wed Apr 6 01:30:08 CDT 2005

Dear list,

Sorry if I double-post this question but I can't find the message in the 
archive I've send yesterday.

I try to get wine to work under Ubuntu Hoary but failed.
The installation seems to be ok, but if I try to run wine it gives me 
the following error-message:
error while loading shared libraries: libwine.so.1: cannot open shared 
object file: No such file or directory

I've installed the following over synaptic (ubuntu universe):
wine 0.0.20050110-1.1
winesetuptk 0.7-1.1
wine-utils 0.020050310-1.1
libwine 0.0.20050310.1.1

After googeling it seems to me that wine should contain the libwine.so.1 
file and it should be in the /usr/lib directory.
But it isn't there and it isn't in that package too.

I also run winesetup which configures a folder ~/.wine/...

Can anybody give me a hint?
What do I misunderstand here?

Thanks and sorry for my bad english.


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