[Wine]Re: Re: Unusual characters in IE6

Alban browaeys browaeys.alban at wanadoo.fr
Wed Apr 6 04:06:18 CDT 2005

> I cannot find XF6Config-4. I should mention that I'm kinda new to linux.
> I have no problem asking on debian-dev, but wy? Are there developers
> there that you know are from Israel?

It was /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 , that was quite uncommon for a user to not
know about this file. This means the installer have greatly improved
since i last tried :)

Raising the issue on wine-devel may be enough . I was just asking for a
little more information before suggesting you to ask them. The first
thing i thouhg was to check if your Xfree keyboard map was one of the
already defined in the file i told you about (IL , IL_phonetic,
IL_sharon). To track if the problem is a missing keymap definition, a
broken one or maybe that wine does have a bug.

About Debian Developpers , yes there are a few from Israel :
But debian-devel (http://www.debian.org/MailingLists/subscribe) have
more developpers than DD per se ...

You may ask if they could help you out getting more data to help wine
developer fix the issue. They may be  interested by a working wine, who
knows ...


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