[Wine]Re: How to fix fixme:...

Hossein Movahhedian dma8hm1956 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 12:09:13 CDT 2005

On Tue, 5 Apr 2005, Duane Clark <dclark at akamail.com> wrote:

> Hossein Movahhedian wrote:
> >
> >    Dear All
> >    Hi,
> >    Every time I run a program I get a few fixme messages like:{{{
> > fixme:msvcrt:_setmbcp Unreal codepages (e.g. -3) not implemented
> > fixme:mmtime:timeBeginPeriod Stub; we set our timer resolution at minimum
> > fixme:mmtime:timeEndPeriod Stub; we set our timer resolution at minimum
> > fixme:font:WineEngCreateFontInstance just using first face for now
> > }}}
> >    How can I fix them?
> Is it your intention to write code to fix them? Otherwise, if you just
> want the messages to go away, set an environment variable:
> WINEDEBUG=fixme-all
Unfortunately I don't know anything about Wine internals. BTW, some of
the programs which I run with Wine cannot load their default fonts. Is
this related to these fixme messages or I have to go back to Wine User's
Guide and read it throughly once again and try to fix the problem with
the installation of the corresponding ttf fonts in Linux.

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