[Wine]Issues and some questions

Phillip Bruce pbbruce at mindspring.com
Fri Apr 8 01:44:16 CDT 2005


 I've been trying to get wine working and posted a question
 earlier in which I don't seem to be getting any response to.

 What I've done is litterally started over and still run into

 First off here are the basics:

 OS - Solaris 10 GA x86
 wine version - 
$ wine
fixme:file:get_default_drive_device auto detection of DOS devices not supported on this platform
fixme:ntdll:NtQueryVolumeInformationFile device info not properly supported on this platform
Wine 20041019
Usage: wine PROGRAM [ARGUMENTS...]   Run the specified program
       wine --help                   Display this help and exit
       wine --version                Output version information and exit

 other info: 
 installing wine without windows

 The version of wine came from Sun Companion CD. I've searched the web
 for clues and answers and I'm a little confused on somethings right 

 I've search the web and found a few settings that is not mentioned
 in the documentation on wine's main web site.
Line 8: Unrecognized input 'Path = /export/home/pbbruce/wine/c'
Line 11: Unrecognized input 'Path = /dev/fd0'
Line 14: Unrecognized input 'Path = /cdrom'

as you see I have the following set in the wine.conf file is the
reason for the above errors. I would have at least thought that
line 8 would be ok as that is exactly how I have my wine directory

Could anyone give me some clues as to how to correct these issues?



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