[Wine]Re: Problem with accouting SW and Samba/NFS

Alban Browaeys browaeys.alban at wanadoo.fr
Tue Apr 12 03:56:09 CDT 2005

Le Mon, 11 Apr 2005 09:32:09 -0700, Bill Medland a écrit :

> On April 11, 2005 05:15 am, fuerst at gmx.li wrote:
>> Hi List
>> I got following problem:
>> I have an old accounting software. It runs at the moment on a
>> NT4.0 System which access the program itself on a samba share.
>> I tried to get this application running under Linux with wine.
>> When I copy the whole folder from the file server to the local
>> filesystem (ext2), it works well with wine (tested with
>> 20050111 and 20050310). But when I mount the share into my
>> drive_c to the correct path (drive_c/KWIN in my case) and
>> start the accounting software, the problems are starting. It
>> starts up but after providing the password it fails to open
>> the database where the data is stored. The application uses a
>> Paradox-Engine from Borland btw.
>> How is it possible that it works when all the files are on a
>> local fs but not when they are on a share? I tested NFS and
>> Samba, both fail, changing the behaviour of wine also did not
>> help (e.g. switching it to nt40). The filesystem on the
>> fileserver is ext3 but I think this definitely should not
>> matter.
>> Any idea? My boss reported that it once worked with this set
>> up but with an older version of wine, I unfortunately don't
>> know which version it was.
> Don't know, but one possibility is region locking.  Unless 
> something has changed while I wasn't looking, the SMB filesystem 
> client doesn't handle locking and so the requests won't work.  
> Your boss might be talking about a version of Wine from before 
> it supported the locking sufficiently well and so it only worked 
> by accident.

I think you are right about the wine side . Though i know i disabled
locking on the samba side one day. Sorry i don't remind how, i guess it
was veto, oplock .
Sorry again i can just point you to the samba ReadTheFineManual ...


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