[Wine]Adobe Photoshop 7 Problems

Hiji hijinio at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 13 12:26:32 CDT 2005

> 1 ) The clone tool nor the healing brush does't
> work, I need to use a
> lot of clone tool for my work and this does't work
> so it is a bit
> irritating. I press down the alt key , the cursor
> changes for me to
> select the source and then i chose the Image source
> and when i try to
> clone using this source elsewhere on the image it
> says chose image
> source by pressing the alt-key first.
> this does't make sense, this happens even if i start
> photoshop from
> the wine - sub menu in xfce. so the terminal
> blocking my alt key is
> not the problem, but all other functions like alt+F
> , etc work. Please
> HELP me.
It looks like the desktop alt-click function is taking
precedence.  Try shift-alt-click.  Sometimes you have
to fiddle around with things; I've used Photoshop for
years, and believe it or not, I've never used the
clone tool until I figured this out in less than 5
minutes! :)  (I prefer to copy into my clipboard
whatever I want to "clone", and just use the basic
copy/ paste method.)

Point is, think outside the box, and try other things.
 Remember PS7 wasn't meant to run on Linux (but it
magically does because of Wine); so, we're all bound
to run into wierd things in our apps that we need to
find workarounds for.

> 2 ) This is not a major problem, When i use
> photoshop from fluxbox all
> the layer and tools window go below the main
> photoshop window when i
> start working on the image so i have resize the main
> window to be
> smaller so that the tools and layers window are on
> the desktop itself
> and not on the main window (like gimp) , this does't
> happen in xfce
> though, so does anyone know how to solve this
> problem.
I'm not sure what you mean, but I usually press "Tab"
to make all the toolboxes go away when I don't want
them around, and "Tab" to bring them back.


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