[Wine]Call of Duty doesn't run properly + sound problems

André Heßling ahessling at gmx.de
Fri Apr 15 14:28:53 CDT 2005


I installed wine (latest) and wanted to run Call of Duty. But whenever I 
want to start it (it doesn't matter if it is Call of Duty SP or MP or 
United Offensive SP/MP), I receive the following error:
fglX11AllocateManagedSurface: __FGLTexMgrAllocMem failed!!
The screen is black at that moment and I have to kill wine by console or 
from ssh.

My kernel also complains about something:
[fglrx:firegl_free_bufs] *ERROR* unknown memory buffer handle 0xffffffea

The strange thing is:
When Call of Duty crashes, it wants to run a safe mode the next start. 
So I chose this safe mode and Call of Duty starts with a very low 
resolution. Now I can change the options to what they were before the 
crash and play quite fine.

So right at the moment I have to make Call of Duty crash and then start 
it again in safe mode.

My Xorg-version is 6.8.2.
I am using latest ATI's proprietary driver.

I don't really know if this problem is wine related, but I also have 
ut2004 installed which runs natively
under Linux and I don't have any problem with it.

Another problem is the fact that I don't have proper sound with Call of 
I am using winealsa as sound driver, but the sound lags nearly 1 sec and 
sounds very bad.
wineoss isn't even working (complaining about no access to hardware). I 
should activate Sound emulation in config, but then it is even worse 
than it is with alsa.

Thanks in advance!

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